Who can become a member ?

Core Members

– Exporters

– Fruit and Vegetable growers

Associate Members

– Input suppliers

– Airlines & Handling Services

– Transporters

– Packaging material suppliers

– Finance institutions

Honorary Members


Membership Fees

Why become a member of HortiFresh ?

– Strong and effective founding members and board
– Independent and professional secretariat
– Inclusion – Apex organization that brings together the experience of many other associations
– Good governance structures with checks and balances to protect members’ interests
– Good negotiation capacity
– Access to information in key markets
– Credibility, transparency and accountability
– Value for money through effective service delivery for the good of our members
– Enhanced networks with key stakeholders(government, export markets, service providers as well as development partners)
– Support self-regulation in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries & Uganda Export Promotions Board